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Call 515-371-1583Hey all, my husband and I just bought a 1955 Oliver Super 77 and it is supposed to be a diesel engine but the previous owner replaced it with a gas. A Big Thanks..a bless day Hi I own a 1949 cub with belly mower. I have replaced the pto bearing, pto shaft, pto clutch and pto engaging lever, still jumps out of gear.We want to get it back to original and wanted to know where to find a diesel engine to replace the gas. says farmall on the tractor and a stamp of mccormick deering and a little more writing that I can t make out. I would appreicate any suggestions, I am getting really frustated. When I was a kid we had one and I thought is was the best thing since sliced bread. I have a F20 that has been in a shed these past 20 years.

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Interest parties can call 580-847-2359 between the hours of 5 pm thru 10;00 pm central time. i ialso installed a ignition coil an im pretty sure that b4 i removede the old one the positive terminal went to the points but just need verification of that any help would be nice i cant seem to get fire to the points.

Thanks Wanting to sell a 1947 Oliver 60 gasoline row crop. I need help Not sure how many implements there are to go with it, but need to know what it is worth.Yes is does run.. thanks We just bought a International Harvester tractor and believe it is a 1937 with a narrow front end.

I grew up on a cotton farm in Green Lake, Texas and Daddy bought a new MM in 1953 or 1954. I would love to identify the model and find and restore one. I will never forget pushing the lever to the gas side, starting it up, and letting it run a bit.

I spent many years working the tractor but can t remember the model. When I pulled the lever back and heard the unmistakable crack of that Diesel take off, I was in love! My Massey Harris model #81S built in 1946 needs some help.

I would like to sell this tractor for 4 K or interesting trade.

Located in S E Colorado call 719-469- one 5 two 8I learned to drive on my dad s Model A.

The Town has been offered a donation of a 1939 or 1940 Farmall B which has been restored.

The tractor originally belonged to a family that farmed in our county and having it as part of the Town s Hostetler Auto Museum would be very complimentary because of its history.

He passed away last spring and I am wondering if we should sell it or keep it for old times sake.

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