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The simple classification of materials as solids, liquids, or gases can now, on the basis of correlating submicroscopic structure with mechanical properties, be expanded into a more sophisticated set of structural types, as follows: have randomly moving molecules that do not attract one another, whose velocity is dependent upon the gas temperature, and that collide as if they were elastic spheres of negligible volume.

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This type of deformation is an energy-storing process, as exemplified by the compression of a spring.

(ductility (in which certain internal mechanisms permit shearing displacements to occur within the atomic structure).

A game of chess is a good example of when a flow state might occur.

For the duration of a competition, the player has very specific goals and responses, allowing attention to be focused entirely on the game during the period of play.

These internal shearing forces produce the characteristic behaviour of liquids such as treacle, heavy oils, or molten plastics.

This characteristic motion, known as shearing flow, is an energy-dissipative process.

Rigid materials such as metals, concrete, or rocks sustain large forces while undergoing little deformation, but if sufficiently large forces are applied, the materials can no longer sustain them by elastic deformation alone.

What happens then depends upon the internal structure of the material.

As greater and greater force is applied to a brittle substance, such as a block of rock or concrete, a point will be reached at which the internal structure can no longer sustain the applied load by elastic deformation alone.

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