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Another thing is to refrain from sending intimate photos, videos, and even personal data, which could be used against them, through extortion, burglary, stalking, mugging, robbery, and kidnapping (if suspect is just in the proximity of the victim), computer hacking, skimming, etc. In a victim’s view, a person is chatting with his heart’s desire, but behind the scene lies the sprawling evil plot to siphon his funds by another individual or a group of individuals.With technology evolving at the speed of light, courtship and dating are not what they used to be.

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As to what happen during their online chat, some of these scammers collaborate with a willing attractive female accomplice, whose function is to be a body double to flaunt her sensitive body parts whenever the victim asks the other person on the other line to display it.

The perpetrators sometimes hide beyond the web cam’s view to dictate to the accomplice what to say and do.

Fraudsters usually use pictures of attractive women in their online profile to lure unsuspecting suitors to their modus operandi.

Their stories are mostly fabricated, the so-called straight-out-of-a-movie spectacle applies here, geared towards earning the affection of the victim, and eventually the suitor’s funds.

Some of these so called girlfriends may not even be female, but a transgender masquerading as one.

Others could be the doings of a manipulative syndicate, with several persons working behind the scene, chatting with the online beau.

Young’s hand-held camerawork brings little stability to the frame. Young, who also wrote the script, teases out the story in bits of coy hints and half-truths about a tragic accident, leaving too many questions unanswered.

More than once, Brad mentions to others that he’s a doctor but not why he’s no longer practicing. Brooks looks effervescent and playful during their video chats.

Other times, the scammers just do it on their own, with the knowledge that most foreign nationals do not file a case due to the great distance separating them, and some other foreign affairs technicalities.

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