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Most women are not looking for some male model but they do want to see that you are a real person (not a scammer) and to get an idea of your smile, and the expression in your eyes.Our Russian women welcome the reassurance that you are nice, normal and trustworthy.

More ordinary looking Russian brides may well be more sincere about their relationship rather than simply seeking attention and admiration.

It is very rare to find the ‘perfect woman’ who combines stunning looks with a friendly personality and a genuine desire for intimacy.

Look a little deeper at a woman’s interests and outlook and what you are both looking for.

Our unique PI test helps calculate your compatibility not just physically but psychologically too. If you are serious about finding a wife or long-term relationship it is important to know that your personalities are in tune.

We recently heard from a man in Spain who was disappointed when he met up with some single Russian women who had looked like models in their photographs.

In real life they turned out to be nothing special. Women he saw on the streets of St Petersburg struck him with their natural beauty.

You will find the PI compatibility score beside each woman’s photo so that you can be confident of finding your perfect match. This service is absolutely free, even for non-members.

Glamorous photos of hot Russian women are bound to make you stop for a second look.

Take into account what you have to offer yourself as there will be more chemistry and chances for long-term success when a couple is equally matched.

There is a traditional Russian joke which sums this up. Looking into the fire the first man says "I never married" "Why? "Because I was always searching for my perfect woman" "You never found her then?

You want to find a woman who is positive, cheerful and good fun to be with.

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