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I'd put "Grandma's Boy" the same category as "Animal House". It won't achieve the classic status of the latter because it is neither the first nor the best of its kind.

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Dating grandmas having sex

This is your chance to put that change jar to good use.

The 1up’s two locations are arcades, all grown up with plenty of cheap booze to fuel your date night antics.

The menu is filled with nods to all things sex and sexy (think drinks with names like Safe Word and An Interesting Single Man).

But there’s also the ideal date night order: the Bump Bubbles, aka caviar and Champagne for just $20.

Pick from classic dances like the Lindy Hop or Charleston and find out fast how in sync you really are. Take a 15-minute jaunt to Golden where there are plenty of free activities awaiting you.

Start with a tour of the Coors Brewery (which just so happens to include several free beers).

To make that process a little easier, we’ve done the hard work for you.

These Denver date options are all winners, and so easy on your wallet you can afford to impress that special someone on your second, third, and maybe even forth date too.

See more » "Grandma's Boy" is a comedy in the truest sense of the genre, there is only one serious plot line in the whole movie and it is immediately transformed into one of the funniest scenes in the film.

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