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To begin to get to know someone, it takes longer than just one meeting — which Ansari can attest to both from his research and personal experience.In many of their focus groups, they discovered people go on a lot of first dates but not as many third dates. Others go into date number one questioning whether or not they should be in a serious relationship based on how much they like the person and how many dates before a relationship is official.

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And those only come out after sustained interactions.

of 3,058 individuals in February, the most common timetable for having the "exclusive" talk in a relationship was less than four weeks. If four weeks sounds surprisingly short, it actually isn't. It's that the dating game has changed — maybe for the better.

"I discovered things about them that weren't initially apparent.

We'd develop more inside jokes and just generally get along better, because we were familiar." Casually dating many people had rarely led to this kind of discovery, he adds.

No matter which category you fall under, you still have to know when it’s been long enough to bring up “the talk.” And by this, I mean the relationship talk.

Are you two officially in a relationship or are you still just casually dating? Mistakes people make too early in a new fling There are some mistakes people make that ruins a relationship before they’re even official.

Normally, if the date felt average, he wouldn't have asked the girl on a second date.

He would've moved onto the next and texted other options, in search of the elusive stellar first date.

There's an endless supply of people you could see, so it's easy to keep swiping after one "meh" date.

But according to Aziz Ansari, you're less likely to find a match this way.

But depending how physical those dates get, they can.

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