dating in high school is stupid - Dating in azerbaycan

Make new friends in Azerbaijan and start dating them.Waplog is the best social network to meet new people.Come on, he said- you surely don’t think only Azeri men cheat?! However, the difference is: where I live now, it is not a sort of thing married men - Yes pretty good, pretty good indeed… It is good to be back home though.- Oh, great, good for you. And it can’t be the religious traditions that are not too keen of such behavior either.

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These lovely women are, as a rule, ready to find their perfect man.

Our ladies are the most beautiful that the country has on offer, from blonde to brunette, our young Azerbaijani brides are waiting for someone to sweep them off their feet.

Fortunately, (for reasons that lie outside this posting) nothing happened then.

And now, many years after, I met the eyelashes boy for lunch, back in Baku.

As I chewed on my steak, nodding away, and contemplating whether to believe his story, he added casually, that he did, however, have an experience with a Chinese prostitute last time he was on a business trip. The flight was good and the food was pretty decent… However, what amazes me is with which some Azeri men brag about their “secret” affairs. What part of its complicated past made Azeri society so tolerant of the whole thing?

So we ended up talking about Azeri men and cheating. Had some time to do some sightseeing and oh, yes…had a prostitute visit me in my hotel room one night. Surely, it is not the strict Soviet days where every naughty husband, whether it was drinking or cheating he was guilty of, was facing an open shaming and firing procedure in front of everyone at work.

They are feminine by nature and have the best traits that a woman has to offer.

When you look at Azerbaijani brides, you are looking at women who may seem to have a meek demeanor, but they will powerfully love their husbands and be dedicated to them forever.

However, this interest towards the first boy with long eye lashes did not just go away.

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