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He previously reported on the Middle East, from Jerusalem, through the Arab Spring and the Syrian civil war.He has filed stories from every continent for CBC News.Privately, Ma ran a website popular with China's stigmatized gay community, estimated to be 70 million people.

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The big, open workspace near Beijing's business district has that startup feel: High ceilings, treadmills and snack stations, as well as hundreds of 20-somethings sitting in front of glowing screens. Indeed, the staff here shows far more gay pride than most Chinese dare.

That's because they work for Blued, a gay dating app that's quickly become the most popular in the world.

A recent report by Human Rights Watch examines how Chinese parents threatened, coerced and sometimes physically forced their adolescent and adult LGBT children to submit to conversion therapy.

(Kin Cheung/Associated Press)A popular Chinese drama called "Addicted" was immediately taken off internet streaming services because it followed two gay men through their relationships.

Organizers said the government limited the event to 200 people.

In 2016, Beijing banned depictions of gay people on TV and the internet in a sweeping crackdown on "vulgar, immoral and unhealthy content." Regulations said any reference to homosexuality promotes the "dark side of society," lumping gay content in with sexual violence and incest."I think when things are as difficult as they are now, it is normal when LGBT people feel hopeless, without security."Indeed, Beijing's approach to homosexuality has been ambiguous and sometimes contradictory."The government has its ' Three No's,'" said Xiaogang Wei, the executive director of the LGBT group Beijing Gender."Don't support homosexuality, don't oppose and don't promote."Last month, as Canada and many other countries celebrated Pride, China's sole rainbow gathering was in Shanghai.Extreme seasonal summer rain storms are common in the mountains to the north east of Beijing and these often result in mass movement of sediment slurries transported for up to a few km.These debris flows can be deadly and are very destructive to infrastructure and agriculture."I wanted to find a lover, but it was so hard."His corner office at Blued is decorated with pictures of near-naked men wrapped in rainbow banners, alongside official portraits of him shaking hands with top business and government officials.

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