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Noah says she lied to The Stranger – but it's not like he's terribly trustworthy anyway.

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Agnes and Tronte are new in town (and rent a room from Claudia's mother).

Claudia is an expert time-traveller – and at war with Noah to control time travel.

Barrels of nuclear waste are stored in the caves – these chemicals are stolen by The Stranger and power the device made by Tannhaus which he uses to destroy/create the time loop.

It's Claudia who gives the blueprints of the device to Tannhaus and convinces The Stranger to fix it so that he can destroy the time loop.

Meanwhile in 2019, we also learn from Peter that Helge had an accident in November 1986.

Old Helge in 2019 has dementia, but begins to have several attacks of conscience (partly brought on by Ulrich's realisation that Helge was responsible for the killings).

The next morning we see Mikkel emerge from the cave in the woods where he went missing.

Only when he gets back into the town he realises it's not 2019, in fact it's 1986.

At the end of season one Noah's origins are still unclear, though there are clues.

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