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This system was constructed by the local engineering firm Mather, Dixon and Company, who worked under the direction of the engineer John Grantham.During 1870, this practice came to an end; instead, trains would enter and depart the station via conventional means.

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During the 1970s, a new urban rail network, known as Merseyrail was developed, while all other long-distance terminal stations in Liverpool were closed, resulting such services being centralised at Lime Street for the whole city.

On 20 October 2003, the Pendolino service operated by private rail operator Virgin Trains, introducing a faster service between Liverpool and London, was ceremonially unveiled at the station.

During 2017, work commenced at Lime Street Station upon a £340 million remodelling programme.

In Britain's 100 Best Railway Stations, written by columnist and editor Simon Jenkins, Lime Street Station was one of only ten to be awarded five stars.

The original terminus of the 1830 Liverpool and Manchester Railway (L&MR) was located at Crown Street, in Edge Hill, to the east of and outside the city centre.

However, even before Edge Hill had been opened, it was apparent that there was a pressing need for another station to be built, which would this time be closer to the city centre.During May 2015, the electrification of the former Liverpool and Manchester Railway's route was completed, as well as the line to Wigan via St Helens Central.Lime Street Station is fronted by a large building designed in the Renaissance Revival style, the former North Western Hotel, which has since been converted to apartments.Amongst the features which date back to the 1846–1849 rebuild of the station are a group of four columns which adjoin Platform 1, they have been attributed to engineer Edward Woods.During 1867, further expansion of Lime Street Station was required to cope with operational demands; changed included the present northern arched train shed.Lime Street is the largest and oldest railway station in Liverpool, and is one of 18 stations managed by national infrastructure maintenance company Network Rail.

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