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We do all the work, and all you do is get your number and advertise it like crazy. Your results can vary either higher or lower based on your advertising and promotional efforts. Now, that's a gigantic extra revenue for anyone, I'm sure you agree.

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Without the hassle of running a "regular" business!

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You kinda know what you’re going to get when you come to Sharon; it is slick and smooth and wide. Pete Grove, my car owner, won this race a few years back with Danny Holtgraver.

I couldn’t be happier to get my first All Star win of the year here at Sharon.” By way of dash victory, Blaney’s campaign at the front of the field started from the outside-front row, earning the initial jump over fellow front row starter Carl Bowser and fifth-starting George Hobaugh.

Hobaugh held on to finish second to earn his career-best finish with the All Star Circuit of Champions, followed by a cushion-pounding Spencer Bayston from eighth, Gary Taylor, and Chad Kemenah. I was driving around and said ‘oh sh--, there’s (Dave Blaney),’” George Hobaugh said with a laugh, driver of the Hobaugh’s Auto Parts/Matus Motorsports/No. “I didn’t want to get bottled up too bad behind the lapped cars, so I decided to move up the race track.

It may have worked a tiny bit, but not enough.” With many All Star Circuit of Champions competitors planning to enter the upcoming Brad Doty Classic at Attica Raceway Park, as well as the 35th Annual Kings Royal at Eldora Speedway, the 2018 All Star calendar will take a weekend off before returning to competition on Friday and Saturday, July 20 & 21, with a pair of stops in Western Pennsylvania, this time visiting Eriez Speedway and Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, respectively.

A caution the following circuit would allow Blaney the opportunity to catch his breath.

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