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And some old habits seem to have survived for a whole millennium.“The Arabs still call us “abd” (“slave” in Arabic), says 46-year-old Zubeir resident Amin Tarik.“Luckily enough, there are not aggressions against us, but we face discrimination in almost every aspect of life,” adds Tarik, speaking in the courtyard of his humble mud house.Women are still repressed and are considered second class citizens, but this has improved considerably over the last few years. Regardless of these pit falls, Iraqi women are gorgeous. Almost all of these women have flawless skin and start out being petite.

Take a look at these gorgeous Iraqi ladies: Dating beautiful Iraqi women can be difficult because of her religion.

These women will be virgins until marriage or else they are considered… Even modern Iraqi women will only date under the pretense of being married.

Women who marry a black man – it’s never the other way round – have to walk under the eyes of Iraqi tribal society.“I know a mixed couple,” says Doha Abdulreda, a 20-year-old black hostess at Basra’s trade fair.

“She’ll always hide under her Niqab (the Muslim covering over the face) when she walks next to her husband.

I ran for the local elections back in 2009 with seven other colleagues.

Despite Basra hosting Iraq’s most significant black community, none of us was elected. ” Salman has no doubts that the vote was “blatantly rigged”.

“The black people have always been fully integrated in our community,” says resident Said Al Mehdi.

“Even my grandfather’s fourth wife was a black woman.

“We celebrated Obama’s victory in the streets as ours in 2009, and it really encouraged us to fight for our rights,” says Salah Ruhais Salman, vice-president of the Iraqi Freedom Movement, a political party established to defend the rights of Iraqis of African descent.

Salman says Iraqi blacks have been forced to keep a low profile since the invasion of the country in 2003.

Wafa Majid volunteers there as director of the women affairs section at the community meeting centre.

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