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If you date him probably he's not living with them anymore (but this can't be taken for granted, never). Wouldn't you expect all men in that age to be conserved free and fresh just for you, isn'it? Sometime what you'll get will be just the cell number, sometime not even that, but this is how the things go.

And don't expect to be the only female of his life (now and tomorrow). The remains of his past will always be on the way, with you or without you, unless you're just touching and go. If you're in your 20s things are considerably easier: you won't date on same age unless you already established contacts on social network, so I won't speak about this. As 20-something you should already know them better than me.

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You'd better cope with that.4 - social class and regional differences Italians are used to sniffer each other througfully, using multiple parameters at the same time, and adjusting them on occasion.

Being a foreigner you'll get a big bonus and usually be skipping this. Money is not a matter, usually, but social rlposition definitely is it. What said so far apply to the vast majority of men of middle class living in large cities of the centre italy.

This is normal, common, reknowned and quite common. Just forget them (anyway they won't accept you easily - you may remind them their wife too much). Dating with younger men can be daunting: they are used to higher standards under the sheets, there is only one rule: be open minded. Period.2 - expectations and goals Of course dating here in italy can be frustrating as well as any other place of the world if your expectations are not up to reality. But usually they don't come just ringing at your door.

You must be aware that - no matter what you're looking for - you'll be weigthed, abruptly evaluated and receive a quotation, an overall score. And the market has its rules: usually you get exactly what you pay for, sometime less. Charmy, handsome and engagement free don't usually goes togheter in same sentence when talking of italian men.

Education is too specialized, history and geography understaffed and dig a deep gap between us. You can buy alcohool on any supermarket, drinking beer is not considered “drinking” at all, no more than drinking tea, and drugs run freely everywhere (albeit is substantially illegal). It's simply embarrassing if you don't have the right stuff (you'll be judgded by any other woman of the beach, looking at you with a magnifier).

As well as expectations on family obligations (not to mention marriage). Pornography is not against law, as well as prostitution. Having sex with more than a partner (especially below 40s) is tolerated.Then come those in their 50s, but here the play starts to be tought.If YOU really are a splendid 50-something then chances are that you will be targeted by men of 10/15 or 20 years younger.And even if your man can be found of you his family may be just little more choosy. US women I met (and I met a few) run always on stereotypes. I suppose that is because they are not prepared to confront different cultures.On the other hand I see that brazilian girls really appreciate italian men, considered to be have better handling, good fuel efficiency and dirty cheap to buy. Women from the US often resulted problematic to handle: too many apparent similitudes (italians are educated since kids to US pop culture) but too many deep differences. Don't do the mistake of consider italian-american you met in the US representive of what you'll find down here.Many Italians know enough of US to fill your income tax form by just guessing. Big cities like Rome, Naples, Turin and Milan are simply too big not to host large chunks of population living on other rules (punk, squatters, dropouts, fanatics, feticists, bigots, snobs, mods, rockers, you name them) or simply so normal that you won't ever had a chance to meet them (95%) because their wives (or mothers) won't allow them to make a move without permission.

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