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The Balbo Monument includes a column that was taken from a site about 200 meters outside of Porta Marina in Ostia.

The building that the column originated from is called the Prospetto a Mare which translates to the Prospectus to Sea.

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It was transported by boat to America and arrived in Chicago in 1934 during the Century of Progress World’s fair and placed in front of the Italian Pavilion.

While the fair was eventually disassembled, the column was left standing in its original place just a short distance from the shores of Lake Michigan in an often overlooked area of Burnham Park.

The Balbo Monument consists of a pillar that is approximately 2,000 years old dating from between 117 and 38 BCE and a contemporary stone base.

It was taken from an ancient port town outside of Rome by Benito Mussolini and gifted to the city of Chicago in 1933 to honor General Italo Balbo's trans-Atlantic flight to the Century of Progress Worlds Fair.

At the time of this celebration, many Italians and Americans thought that this gift was a symbol of growing positive relations between Italy and America.

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