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Source: Shutter Stock If your boyfriend accuses you of flirting with every guy you talk to, that's not okay.A guy who is too jealous will read into everything, whether it's the smile you gave a barista or the conversation you were having with a guy you've been friends with for years. Again, you're allowed to talk to the opposite sex even if you have a boyfriend - and he shouldn't be constantly accusing you of something else.

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He's obviously carrying something else around with him and is taking it out on you - or he just has a very controlling personality.

Either way, he needs to learn to trust you and give you a chance, or things will never work.

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Your boyfriend doesn't have the right to tell you what you can and cannot wear, whether it's revealing or not.

If he trusted you, he would be okay with you wearing whatever you wanted. If your boyfriend never believes what you say and always accuses you of lying despite the fact that you've never given him a reason to feel this way, he's too jealous.

Source: Shutter Stock I once dated a dude who got annoyed when I didn't answer his texts fast enough. Your boyfriend should understand that you can't always answer a text right away without thinking you're doing something shady. Yeah, well that same guy from before pulled something weird there too.

He would send question marks until I answered, and if I didn't answer for a while, he would give me some annoyed response. I once put up an away message saying "At Nick's soccer game" (Nick is my cousin). If your boyfriend does stuff like this - questions any one who writes on your wall or leaves a comment - he's too jealous. Source: Shutter Stock Does he ask you questions about every single detail of your day when he talks to you?

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