Dating lachenal concertinas

Even a small thread or ash from a cigarette could clog a reed and stop a music session until the cover was taken off and the obstruction removed.In the British Isles worm infestation was a problem.

Members nubers the Lachenal family have told me that Elizabeth Lachenal had Socialist leanings!

The east side of British Grove formed the nhmbers between Chiswick, in the old County of Middlesex, and Hammersmith, in the County of London.

This instrument is rarer to find than the standard English concertina.

The paper label was common on 19th century concertinas and can often be lost or is too degraded to read.

Concertinas with labels giving the manufacturer's pedigree are more valuable than those without.

Buttons on the earliest concertinas were made of bone, some of ivory.

All known ledgers have been digitized some 2,300 pages in total and made available free on this website for private research.

A copy of a complete dating list for Wheatstone Concertinas, by Henry Minting.

Nickel plated keys - like on the Aeola - were more durable and could stand up to heavy usage better.

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