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“So his life is punctuated by legislative break points and red flags of custom.

At six a.m., the hardcore bars are open and the stores can sell, though they sometimes choose to withhold, imposing their morality on some poor, sweating, shaking mess looking for his fix. is considered a safe opening time for bars that don’t like to admit that people drink that early but can’t let the business slip completely away; bartenders in these places tend to pause disapprovingly for an imperceptible moment before handing over a drink."The next milestone is eleven-thirty.

“There has been very little intelligent commentary out there on him and his work.”Many people who are hardcore addicts of any kind can identify with the sentiments of this book. To not fight the demons anymore, to just let your addiction take hold.

When things get dark and they often do when one is addicted, giving in can be very tempting. When I was in rehab, I met a man who was there because his wife had kicked him out of the house, and had cut off all of his access to money.

At eleven-thirty, everyone is willing to admit that the drinking day has begun and proudly open their doors and pour their drinks. I can't drink like Dad.'He didn't have to add: Dad's binge will end with a hangover.

It’s smooth sailing until midnight, when, if they haven’t already, the more reputable bars bail out. Mine will leave me in a shaking hell complete with devils bursting through the walls. He told me once there was nothing he wanted more than to be able to drink like our father, to be a heavy drinker like he was, a problem drinker, any kind of drinker who could keep drinking.

is the tale of a man committing slow suicide by drinking himself to death.

He loses his job, sells his possessions, purchases as much alcohol as he has money to buy, and goes to Vegas, with a plan to die.

It was his first novel and throughout it is clear that O’Brien had talent to burn.

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