Dating laws in maine dating someone who is 10 years old

When she turned 16 I talked to her mom on what her thoughts about me were and if I dated her daughter.Her mom loves me and didn't mind me dating her daughter just for the fact she knows me.

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She doesn't like the age gap but she saw how much I helped her daughter out and thinks of me as a good role model.

I don't consider myself a pig because if I was in it for sex then the obvious states we would be having sex.

When the timing is right then thats when the next step should follow.

Breaks Child Labor Closing or Relocating Workplaces Collective Bargaining Discrimination and Harassment Domestic Violence Drug Testing Family and Medical Leave Hiring and Firing Nursing Mothers Overtime Pension and Health Benefits Preference for Maine Workers and Contractors Privacy Required Posters Safety and Health Smoking Unemployment Insurance Wages Whistleblowers Protection Act Workers’ Compensation Resources In a business with three (3) or more employees working at one time, employees have the right to take a 30-minute break after six (6) hours of work unless there is a written agreement otherwise. §§ 4551-4660-A) protect workers who have disabilities.

Or do I fall into the law-breaking stipulation since she will be in highschool? Having attained the age of 21 years, the person engages in a sexual act with another person, not the actor's spouse, who has attained the age of 16 years but not the age of 18 years, and is a student enrolled in a private or public elementary, secondary or special education school, facility or institution and the actor is a teacher, employee or other official in the school district, school union, educational unit, school, facility or institution in which the student is enrolled. Here's my story: I am 22 now dating a 16 yr in the state of Maine. Our relationship is not sexual at this point but we do talk about a lot.

Or am I still safe since I don't work @ that highschool? I have stated to her I won't take that extra step until I know the law here in the state.

Having attained the age of 19 years, the person engages in a sexual act with another person, not the actor's spouse, who has attained the age of 14 years but has not attained the age of 16 years, provided that the actor is at least 5 years older than the other person; or [1995, c. I planned on doing that for the longest time but havn't got the chance yet.

We get along fine and she is a great person to be around.

You can be asked to take a drug test if Federal law requires it or if the company has a drug policy approved by the Maine Department of Labor.

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