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According to court records, Barnes has a pending case in Philadelphia stemming from a 2017 charge for retail theft and receiving stolen property.According to a warrant, obtained under the state’s Open Public Records Act, Barnes and her accomplices tried to steal merchandise valued at ,433.41 from a Marshalls store.They said Anderson had struggled recently to turn her life around after a string of brushes with the law.

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Gadson, 43, of Philadelphia, fled, while Anderson and Chanel Barnes jumped into a rented Nissan Armada and tried to get away when police arrived, authorities said.

Barnes, 27, of Philadelphia, who was being held in the Salem County Jail, was scheduled to have an initial court appearance Monday on a shoplifting charge and was expected to be released.

The family of a Philadelphia woman fatally shot by police over the weekend at a South Jersey strip mall while she allegedly tried to run over officers there to arrest her in a shoplifting case called her death “a senseless killing” on Monday and demanded an investigation.

La Shanda Anderson, 36, was shot twice by a Deptford Township police officer Saturday afternoon after she ignored a command to stop and tried to run over two officers, prosecutors said.

Gloucester County authorities are seeking Raoul Gadson, 43, of Philadelphia, in connection with an alleged shoplifting incident at a Deptford strip mall.

Police fatally shot an alleged accomplice who tried to run over an officer.Anderson’s criminal record dates back to 2000 with cases in Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties.She has been in and out of prison during that time after pleading guilty in cases ranging from retail theft and robbery to unlawful possession of a firearm and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault.“I don’t care if she had a history as long as a telephone book. Anderson was the mother of three daughters, ages 20, 16, and 15.Her relatives said they did not know how Anderson knew Barnes and Gadson.Witnesses said she then “accelerated straight at the [other] officer.” The second officer, a sergeant and 17-year veteran, fired three shots at Anderson, causing the car to veer and narrowly miss him, prosecutors said. The sergeant will be placed on leave pending the completion of an investigation into the shooting.

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