Dating men with borderline personality disorder

And when they do talk to a counselor or doctor, BDP is often misdiagnosed in men.

Borderline personality disorder in men is often overlooked and brushed off with a recommendation for an anger management class.

The relationship between BPD and addiction is as stormy as the individual’s romantic relationships.

The alcoholism or substance use brings out the antisocial behaviors like rage, anger and depression.

BPD is a serious psychiatric illness, and the treatment thereof is notoriously challenging, but there are various modalities available.

Exercising and consuming foods or supplements high in choline and tryptophan can benefit neurotransmitters such as acetylcholine and serotonin, which help with emotion and mood regulation.

While it is true that statistically more women than men are diagnosed with BPD, there are reasons for the statistics.

For one thing, men, in general, are more averse to seeking professional help for medical or mental problems.Without the distraction of the opposite sex, guys are free be more open in group settings.Men and women have different reasons for using substances, heal differently, and have different reactions to treatments.Natural bright light helps, and meditation has been proven to increase dopamine in the brain.Behavioral modifications along with group, peer and family support, as well as psychotherapy, are key therapies as well.Men tend to externalize behaviors like aggression, violent patterns and antisocial traits, including heavier substance use than women.

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