Dating men with kids relationships

It can cause real problems in your relationship if you don’t want to be around your partner’s kids because you don’t like them.

No-one is asking you to love them but they are a really important part of your partner’s life and unless you can develop a healthy relationship with them it is unlikely that your relationship with your partner will develop very far.

Just be patient and they will eventually come to see you as a permanent feature in their parent’s life.

Be firm, patient and consistent, as they begin to see that their parent is happy and you are here to stay they will likely come round.

You don’t like the kids This is a tricky one to negotiate.

Your partner is too soft /strict It may seem to you that your partner doesn’t discipline their children in the way you think they should and that is why there are problems.

Many parents who no longer live with their children feel guilty and are prone to overcompensate when they have them to stay.

As far as possible try to find the positive in them and to nurture that; don’t be critical or standoffish but warm and open.

Be yourself and don’t try to be somebody you think they want you to be.

If you are struggling with anything to do with your partner’s children talk to them about it.

Talk about your feelings rather than criticising their kids or their style of parenting and you will see that developing intimacy isn’t about not having any problems but about developing the skills to deal with them together.

Most kids harbour a wish for their parents to get back together and the advent of a new partner can make this dream impossible to realise.

They might think that by being horrible to you, that you will go away and mum and dad will get back together. Don’t avoid opportunities to be with them and don’t try to buy their affections.

It must be very heartbreaking to feel like you are being rejected because you have children but sometimes people have their reasons.

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