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I know my doctor who is female has a "House husband" who works hard raising their two children and I presume also maintains the house and home in much the same way as a housewife would do.

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Then how do you manage a relationship with all this?

About the marriage part, it’s a long long way into the future. 3 years in NDA and additional 1 at IMA, INA or AFA. Basically it’s a long wait and if you’re having second thoughts, please discuss openly with your guy.

By the time I finally hit the bed I’m so tired that sleep comes involuntarily. Me: Perhaps answer with a little less honesty next time!

However, before you read my thoughts you should seriously consider I have no clue what I am talking about and probably shouldn't even be writing this answer.

I am trying to imagine what it is like to be a female military officer.

The two qualities (female and officer) seem to have an innate conflict.Perhaps, but it sounds like such a person is a lot harder to find.Indeed the civilian male stereotype is similar to the male officer one rather than mimicking the female civilian.You have only a few choices when it comes to selecting someone as a personal companion.It is against the law for you to have a relationship with an enlisted man, so that is out of the question.The frustration, at least in the beginning is enormous. Obviously this is going to affect their personal relationships.

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