Dating millionaire multi services

What other tasteful way is there to prove that you are truly a moneybags than to fork over a few mil to the Nature Conservancy, your alma mater or the hospital that performed Granny's hip replacement? The fervor to give fuels an endless round of charity balls, silent auctions and golf tournaments in every town.

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Dating millionaire multi services

You would learn, for example, that Veronica Atkins, widow of low-carb diet guru Robert, has a $400 million fortune to share. She is bound to visit - even be honored by - the hospitals and universities to which she has given dough. In some cities there's an unspoken hierarchy of charities, says Richard Conniff.

Newcomers to Palm Beach usually join the Opera Guild, which, he says, accepts anybody whose check doesn't bounce.

And you'll greatly increase your chances of running into a billionaire at, say, the local Starbucks. Billionaires' expansive estates, urban pieds-à-terre and quaint 30,000-square-foot country homes confront them with the task of covering vast stretches of empty walls and filling echoing foyers with something.

That means they are constantly on the prowl for paintings, sculptures and other objets d'art that will do the job. For starters, cultivate a taste for museums and become a member, not a visitor.

Indeed, 85% of ARTnews' annual list of the 200 top collectors listed those two periods among their specialties.

Change the world Getting and spending might be enough to fill your life with satisfaction, but for those who are loaded, there's a greater joy - and an even bigger tax deduction: giving money to others.

Every major city has a Web site that lists openings.

For instance, if you visit Art Scene, which covers galleries in Southern California, you'd find that you could view a new artist almost any night of the week.

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, for example, you can become a supporting member for 0 a year.

That entitles you to attend hosted exhibition previews and receptions where you can elbow your way into the elite.

But just for a moment imagine the life that could be yours if you did.

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