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In 2017 and the age of Tinder, But before you dive in and start filling your G-cal, be sure to check out these five handy etiquette tips for dating several people simultaneously—they’ll keep things stress-free, fun and classy. ) of dating around is to help you learn about what kinds of partners do and don’t work for you.

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Keep it casual Rotational dating doesn't mean you have to sleep with everyone.

It simply means continuing to see other men for harmless cinema and lunch dates, till one man from your rotation majorly steps up and asks you for your full commitment. Keep the faith“In my personal experience (I attracted my husband while rotational dating),” Sami said, "and in the experience of my clients, a man who really wants you will move mountains to be with you, and will not be deterred by the fact that he's got some competition.

“In fact, this slight competition might actually fire his desire to step up and claim you even more aggressively.” 3.

Ditch the guilt Sami said: “Remember that you're willing to stop dating other men when he gives you his full commitment, so until then you have nothing to feel guilty about.”Are men really the most selfish in bed?

“Then you’re giving them the choice about whether they want to take an emotional risk and move forward with someone who’s still dating around,” says Fields.

“They may not like the fact that you’re dating others, but plenty of people will appreciate your integrity—which actually can start building a foundation of trust for a relationship.” Sex is another area in which you want to be careful when you’re dating around.

But do anyone who keeps following up the courtesy of explaining that you’re not interested in moving forward with them—even if you only went on a date or two.

It takes five minutes to write that text and it’ll give that person closure so they don’t waste any more time on you.

This keeps you emotionally objective, and in a position to choose more wisely."When women are dating more than one man at once they also appear to have a “high-value” status is the eyes of men.“They instinctively know that they can’t take her for granted, or they’ll lose her to a more deserving candidate,” Sami said.

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