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One of the oft-cited objections to the term “greenhouse effect” is that it is a misnomer, that a real greenhouse (you know, the kind you grow plants in) doesn’t work by inhibiting infrared energy loss.

It is usually claimed that a real greenhouse works by inhibiting convective heat loss by trapping the sun-heated air inside.

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Unfortunately, a Google search on “greenhouses” and “energy budget” is hopelessly cluttered with pages related to the Earth’s greenhouse effect (wow! ) If anyone is aware of studies done on the energy budget of greenhouses (of the agricultural kind), I would appreciate a reference or two.

But until someone finds a serious error in the above analysis, I’d say we might need to admit that the “greenhouse effect” is pretty accurately named. Meteorology, 1973) who has been referenced by many as showing a greenhouse does not work through the greenhouse effect, but he curiously admits the analogy “is correct only with respect to the glass, not with respect to the space enclosed”. That’s the point…the glass produces a greenhouse effect.

Another possibility is that aquaculture developed from ancient practices for trapping fish, with the operations steadily improving from trapping-holding to trapping-holding-growing, and finally into complete husbandry practices (Ling, 1977). Possible environmental Impacts of aquaculture Public health risks and consumer resistance (microbial diseases, red tides, industrial pollution; rough weather losses; seed shortages; market competition especially for export produce; failures, social disruption.

Freshwater: health risks to farm workers from waterborne diseases.

While working on a new website devoted to answering greenhouse questions, I decided to examine this issue.

What piqued my interest was a couple quick back-of-the-envelope calculations that (1) for a glass covered greenhouse, the downward infrared (IR) emission from the roof should be about 100 W/m2 more than from a clear sky (a pane of glass is high emissivity, and opaque to broadband infrared), and (2) the realization that a greenhouse generates its own convection from the roof because the glass heats up, so convective air currents inside have their heat conducted (albeit inefficiently) through the glass, then the warm glass of the roof causes its own convection.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.You can choose your language settings from within the program.Add to this the fact that greenhouses are usually vented, which means they lose heat convectively anyway that by-passes the greenhouse structure.

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