Dating of the new testament norman geisler

The most fascinating evidence comes from the fragments.

The Chester Beatty Papyri ( The most amazing find of all, however, is a small portion of John –33, discovered in Egypt.

If, however, many copies exist and the oldest are close in time to the original, the scholar can be more confident that the exact wording of the original can be pinpointed.

To get an idea of the significance of the New Testament manuscript evidence, let’s first look at the manuscript evidence for other ancient, nonbiblical texts.

In fact, virtually all of our knowledge of ancient history depends on documents like these. The manuscript evidence for the New Testament is stunning by comparison.

The most recent count (1980) shows 5,366 separate Greek manuscripts. Daniel Wallace, “The Majority Text and the Original Text: Are They Identical?

When she wakes up, she scribbles the directions on a scrap of paper, then runs to the kitchen to make her first glass of the potion.

In a few days Aunt Sally is transformed into a picture of radiant youth because of her daily dose of “Sally’s Secret Sauce.” Aunt Sally is so excited that she sends detailed, handwritten instructions on how to make the sauce to her three bridge partners.Josephus’s first-century document Note that for most documents of antiquity only a handful of manuscripts exist, some facing a time gap of 800–2,000 years or more.Scholars, nevertheless, are confident they have accurately reconstructed the text of the originals.Known as the John Rylands Papyri and barely three inches square, it represents the earliest known copy of any part of the New Testament. The papyri is dated on paleographical grounds at AD 117–38 (though it may be even earlier). In a panic she contacts her three friends who have suffered similar mishaps, so the alarm goes out to the others in an attempt to recover the original wording.

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