Dating old bamboo fly rods updating my kitchen without replacing cabinets

This logo is usually stamped into the reel seat, but also appears as a decal. It is rarely seen and is the most beautiful of the H-I decals.Next to appear was an elongated Double Diamond with Utica, NY inside; it was used until 1933.

I have a 2 piece tonkin cane pole with red H-I on off white diamond logo also the word Columbus scribed on it . With only 2 eyes which look like brass.inside a green cloth was given to me by my grandfather.

It has 1 eyelet on the base shaft and 2 eyelets on the other half . And a hand written "North Point"to the right of rod is 2 piece. I believe from around 1940 like brand new.have brand new penn fishing reel to go with it still in the box..

In 1905 the company built a new factory in Utica, New York and continued to grow until it was known throughout the world.

The firm was incorporated in 1909 as the Horrocks-Ibbotson Co.

I did find this information --- History and value of classic flyrod forum. Again, someone else from Fishing Talks may address your question .... Horrocks-Ibbotson was one of America's largest production rod companies for many years, competing head to head with Montague and South Bend.

This company that came to be known as the World's Largest Manufacturer of Fishing Tackle traces its history to 1812 but did not become involved with fishing tackle until 1863 when an English immigrant named James Horrocks was hired as a clerk.

The company started making fishing tackle in 1863, and moved to Utica NY in 1905. There are hundreds of models made, and now sell for - 0. This logo is usually stamped into the reel seat, but also appears as a decal. The Double Diamond logo including the banner reading Best by Test was introduced in 1934 and was used until 1939.

The H-I decals featuring a bright red H-I on a white diamond and accompanied by two banners reading Fish Rod and Genuine Tonkin Cane.

11 ins., Shakespeare Omni 1301-450E, 4.5 mtrs., also a group of tackle including Ron Thomson stocking foot waders classic pro (6/7), bag of various floats, wading staff, 2 Gye nets, bag of various line etc.

More details A "HARDY" THREE-PIECE SPLIT CANE FLY FISHING ROD, with extra end section, in a canvas rod bag, together with TWO BRASS MOUNTED WOODEN FISHING REELS, one 9cm diameter, the other 6.5cm diameter More details Two Three Section ' Sportex' Fibreglass Fishing Rods, including a ' Mamba 12', and a Sportex one piece 6' 2" rod (all with canvas cases), and a three section bamboo rod, all in canvas cases.

More details A Hardy Two Section 9.5" Split Cane Fishing Rod, 'the no 2 corbert rod, palakora regd 246 936', rings, collars and pommel with Hardy name, regd 220408/23. More details AN EARLY 20th CENTURY 15CT GOLD FLY FISHING TIE PIN formed as a fly rod with pearl set reel and leaping silver enamelled salmon in fitted box 60mm overall Condition Good undamaged condition More details Rare British Golf Co London smf rut niblick fitted with the original hickory shaft featuring a very thick full length fishing rod handle (no grip) Note See Jeff Ellis Clubmakers Art p.528 More details HARDY FISHING ROD - THE PHANTOM a 3 piece split cane rod with 2 tops of slightly differing lengths, #5 The Phantom, Hollokona, H53405A.

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