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You have to try as many sites as possible, that's the key to this game so still worth a shot IMO When I joined I was contacted by a few women, none of which never viewed my profile. I had one creep basically state how disappointed he was after I clammed up at his hotel suggestion immediately after starting contact. But they are not good enoughif you are a married man looking for like-minded women. Even if they are flooded with Fake-Profiles you will still find someone if you stick to women of a similar age. here: out of hundreds of messages I got there were: Dozens of webcam girls (probably not even girls..) I was to pay in advance.... The wife n me dnt have much time for sexy stuff these days. Since then ahve been chattin up wimen on twitter n that.

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Otherwise your priority message will be bumped down the list by other priority messages. It lets you know when priority message has been opened. I joined a couple of weeks ago and ive been impressed. Thanx 4 reading / Big Dave from the West Midlands :-) Worst site ever.

Read a lot of good things about this and (these two seem to be the main leaders that can be trusted in the area of online affair hookup sites.

Each time I supplied a credit card, it would be rejected.

When I contacted customer service for the credit card company I invariably learned that no request for payment had been made, so the credit card companies were not blocking my card.

Models, overseas ladies despite my search being 50k or less, oriental ladies trying to scam. Stay clear I've been on Ashley for about two months and met and had sex with one woman. Now that CL Personals is gone only alternative I see is or My Secret but your success rate here depends on your location.

Full of scammers just want to take your credit card details.

I signed up and immediately got a barrage of site generated winks and messages, mostly from profiles with no pictures and no where near the age group I was looking for. Now, however, I am bombarded by girls in their 20s most of whom are from other cities and even other countries.

These profiles get far less messages from guys, are more likely to look at your profile and actually be real! If you feel that something is too good to be true, you're probably right.

AM is ok but I prefer personally but each to their own. " I have been a member for about 6 weeks and met several women, 2 in person. Remember you are dealing with women who generally looking for affection, romance then sexy in that order. If you are serious about this hit the gym, get a haircut, grow a beard what ever you need to do. Mark S (37) If you're an older married fella (50 ) whose thinking he's gonna have a hot steamy affair with a single or married woman who looks like a Fox News babe (Mac Callum, Perino, et al), you're gonna be disappointed and burn thru a lot of credits getting there. "before we meet you need to buy this pass" Girls with sudden money emergencies, they are, nicer, pretty, more elaborated, until they need a medication, book, tuition, etc on emergency basis, probably also some guy sitting in an indonesia IT shop... AM makes money if you accept a collect message or initiate a message with them.

For my location it just seems to work really bloody well with a lot of genuine females looking for something a bit risky. The guys that aren't successful on here may not know how to talk to women or want to rush too fast. Now this is easier if you are willing to have a woman overweight and 40 plus. I made a plan to hit the gym 3 months prior to joining. But if you can ratchet your expectations down a notch, and stick to your age bracket, you will meet real women who are ready to meet you. I've always had much better luck with sites like Ashley-Madison and Saphrina than with Craigslist. Dating-Apps annoy me but I use them once in a while. Either way, you are burning credits and will need more if an actual flesh and blood woman actually came along. Spend that money at a bar and you will have better luck by far.

I tried this site after reading it cleaned up its fake act.

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