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Fashion is one of the best ways to help identify someone when looking at historical photographs, but have you ever felt lost when trying to date an image of a male ancestor? These friends wear three-piece lounge suits typical of the early 1900s, a key detail the small-medium jacket lapels. By the 1940s many men wore a sports jacket and wide flannel trousers.

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It is the wear of the hat that is going to stand out and make that person stop and thing about swiping right.

Imagine Tinder but only the women can make the first move and therefore have total control of the dating process.

These are all things that depends on personal preference which is why you would need to decide for yourself.

However, no matter what your choice, we know that improving your profile and following the dos and don’ts will only increase your matching changes regardless of which app or online dating service you use.

Here, dress historian Jayne Shrimpton shares her fashion tips to help you identify your mystery men, from the 1860s to the 1940s. Dress became exceedingly slender during the 1880s and 1890s, giving rise to the fashionable ‘masher.’ The crowns of bowler hats rose from the mid-1880s onwards.

Full-length photographs offer a complete view of men’s fashions. This working-class man wears the three-piece lounge or business suit that became popular during the 1870s, his watch chain suspended across the waistcoat front. This may seem like an unfair advantage for the men, but with every down side there is always an upside that can be utilized…and that is precisely what men can do to stand out from the rest.18th century Pancake style ‘shepherdess’ hats were popular throughout most of the 18th century, in varying brim widths.These hats were considered necessary to keep the sun away from fair complexions, especially as the parasol was not a fashionable accessory during this period.The elite still wore hats (sometimes atop the bonnet) with tall crowns adorned with wide silk ribbon bows. They were associated with the upper classes and it was considered stylish to be democratic.

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