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Otherwise, the girls you reject will all get together and ruin your reputation. That game's not in English, but someone is working on a patch right now. Instead of picking a girl, you have cheat and date a lot of them.Otherwise, the girls you reject will all get together and ruin your reputation. 2600 and jr,5200,nes/top loader, master system, intellivision, TG-16, genesis 1,2,3, SNES, snes JR, CDX, 3DOfz10, gamegear, gameboy and pocket, GBC, sega saturn, PSOne w/screen, Virtual Boy, N64, NGPC, Gameboy Advance sp, Dreamcast, Black Dreamcast, o XBOX, Playstation 2, PStwo, Gamecube, gameboy player, DS lite, DSi XL, PSP1000/3000, Wii, PS3 120gb,3DSXL, xbox 360, PSvita, PS4If you can't read Japanese, good luck playing visual novels on a console; there's Sakura Wars ~So Long My Love~ for PS2 and THAT'S ABOUT IT AFAIK.A similar style of storytelling is also used in Snatcher, Policenauts, Famicom Detective Club II, and other cool adventure games.

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All you need to be able to do is know if it's from the 60's, 70's or 80's. So the first digit of the serial number tells you which year in the 70's it was made. Another reliable way to date your amp, within a year or so, is to look at the date codes stamped on the volume and tone pots.

That'll tell you when the pots were made, and the amp is usually not more than a year older than that.

It all depends on how many pots they ordered and how long it took them to put all of them into amps before buying a new batch.

The most reliable source for knowing info about Traynor amps is *not* Velvet Black. They took the time to put together a really long pdf file with the history of the Traynor brand, all the financial and production and whatnot.

Although I hear there's quite a lot of these games on the PCEngine?

Plus what would you consider the 'classics' on those systems? I was interested in the visual novel style of storytelling, so I've ended up playing a few dating sims.It tells exactly what year each amp model was introduced.And in addition to that awesome pdf, they also have pictures of most of their amps and descriptions of the amp specs and what years they were produced.I like VNs with plots, though, so most of the games have a substantial story with branching routes that you can play to learn the entire story.I'm not interested in titillation at all, but sometimes I like a girl's character enough to play to the end. It'll take you 60 hours to see everything in ever17.You can tell actual dates reliably in a couple different ways...

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