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Crochet is a handicraft that creates fabric out of yarn or crochet thread and a hooked needle.

A second choice is to have your company or organization logo screen-printed directly onto the tablecloth.

Cost considerations often dictate which style is best.

Crochet is often used to make scarves, hats, baskets, afghan throws, and tablecloths. It's based on the Middle French word for hook, "croc(he)" which itself is a diminutive of the Old Norse word "krókr" (hook).

Unlike other handicrafts like knitting or weaving, crochet's history is a bit mysterious. What is also known, is that crochet took off in Europe in the 1800s, with Queen Victoria even learning the craft herself.

The average height of a table is 30" and a banquet tablecloth has a standard drop (fabric overhang) of 15".

This allows the tablecloth to fall halfway between the tabletop and the floor.

There are many times you may opt for a banquet-sized table to seat all of your clan.

You may find that a standard banquet-sized tablecloth will work, or you might need to have one custom-made.

Whatever the reason that you need a custom-made tablecloth, there are several online sources available for custom-made tablecloths.

Just be certain your measurements are accurate before placing an order.

To crochet in the round, there are two ways of starting the pattern: Whichever method you choose is personal preference; however, crocheters tend to use either one or the other, not both.

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