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Originally I was just going to have them hold it for a picture but then I decided it’d be fun to have them write what they were looking forward to or hoping for in their upcoming year around the grade.

These days my 6th grader is not a fan of traditional smiling pictures.

Instead I get this: After I took her picture, I put that printable grade into a sheet protector and it’s at the beginning of her binder: I added the picture of Julia into it and had her fill out the sheet. The idea is to have one for each child so that all of their important things can be in their binder.

I plan on having each one of my kids fill one out at the end of the year too. This binder can carry on through the rest of the grades.

I spent a little more than two months in a dating ban.

This was partially self-imposed, partially imposed by my good friend Susan. I spent a lot of time with my friends and a lot of time sitting on my fabulous couch. Like the Weezer song “Glorious Day,” that I like so much, I was ‘gonna hit the ground with a brand new sound lookin’ for romance.’Previously I had been finding my dates through

They were obviously written to get a handle on my devotion to or lack of interest in religion.

I felt like the questions on drinking were also faulty.

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