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This is especially true when it is a direct result of a person that is unworthy of our love, affection and attention.

Occasionally, it is normal to second-guess our thoughts and feelings. That said, it is normal for someone that we’re in a relationship with to act in a way that constantly causes us to evaluate our mental state and second-guess our emotions.

Not only is it good for my physical health, but also my mental health.

There is something about that “alone time” that I really count on to start off my day.

Meeting with a special group of friends every second Wednesday of the month is important as well.

Staying connected with these special people helps me keep my life in perspective.

Ultimately, the success or failure of relationship, friendship, courtship, marriage, etc., hinges upon the frequency, depth and quality of interaction that we have with someone else.

Eventually our mental state is affected either positively or negatively, depending upon these interactions. While the statistics vary according to the source, about half of all marriages end in divorce (the actual stat is probably a bit less than half, actually).

Both wanted the security and comfort of being with their own family.

Bernie even wanted to wake up in his childhood bed on Christmas morning!

They provide a sense of meaning, connection, continuity and order.

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