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Like so many of the characters we create, ethnicity, religious beliefs... He uses an old tape recorder to record memories of his first true love, the late Gwen Stacy. The Our Father is pretty well universal among all Christian faiths - it's taken straight out of the Bible... IIRC [If I recall correctly], here's the Catholic Clix you can play: Daredevil Huntress Nightcrawler Possible Catholics (or lasped Catholics): Kingpin Gambit Hawkeye Catwoman (her sister was a nun) Plastic Man Due to strong guilt and responsibilites the following could be Catholic (or Jewish): Spider-Man Blue Beetle spanishyoda 05/26/2003, A good argument for Spidey being Catholic in comics are: A: May Parker's maiden name is Reiley, and given her age and region of the country that she grew up in it could be assumed that she is Catholic. I've been to Lutheran funeral that look a lot like Catholic, as do Orthodox. Given that Uncle Ben's of Irish descent (based on his last name) it would stand to reason that he's Catholic.

and all of the things that make people who they are only come into play if they're an important part of what makes up the interesting aspects of a character from a storytelling perspective. Peter speaks as if talking directly to Gwen, recounting events from the time they had together. B: I believe in the ASM issue where Peter proposes to Mary Jane, Aunt May donated his old microscope to a Catholic Church for a fund raiser. I wouldn't use the "Our Father" as a sign of being Catholic. The same is true with the ideas of confession and alter boys. There's a very large presence of Irish Catholics in New York.

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An event or attitude that might be categorized as religious. There's the "God Bless Our Home" stitching on the kitchen wall, for example, and then there was the night he thanked God for bringing Mary Jane into his life. that makes them Christian; there is obviously a difference.

Many among the missing hold deeply felt moral stands or intense spiritual belief systems. there is an etymology simply a dream), in which Doctor Strange appeared to him and conversed with him on the astral plane. God speaks to Peter Parker in pseudo-Gothic type in a 2002 issue of "Spider-Man." Critics have long found Christian themes in Peter Parker's struggle to determine what's right. Expecially beause most all born-again Protestants I know hate Catholics almost as much as they hate Muslims.

Parker's precise denominational affiliation has never been made clear. Spider-Man may also be one [a Catholic] but I'm not sure; Aunt May recites the 'Our Father' holding Rosary beads before going to bed in the movie.

Peter Parker has never been depicted as a regular churchgoer and could probably not be said to be religiously observant on a daily basis in any organized way. There's definitely a strong Christian influence there anyway.

Those who do not fit that profile have all had after-death experiences... DOCTOR STRANGE: So that you will know this was not simply a dream . He finds the book on his shelf and opens to the page Doctor Strange described. is this one of those "create by numbers" things you got going here? "With great power comes great responsibility" may be a watchword of the recent Spider-Man movies, but it's lifted straight from the comic books... Superman is not the only superhero thought to be religious... I think it's a language barrier thing ;) thornnspear 08/23/2003, Wow!

My theory does not hold that these attitudes aided in the missing individual's abduction, only that these traits may have determined who would be taken. The page has a picture and description of a "Spider Wasp."] The spider wasp is the most efficient spider-killer in the insect kingdom. Batman is said to be a lapsed Anglican or Catholic..., as is the Hulk. 's "With" column has dubbed the Man of Steel a Methodist. I started this thread so long ago - surprised its still kicking (and hasn't fallen apart either) Few things though: The concept of "original sin" is not that one's personal sin comes back to haunt you, but that sin entered the world through the choice of our first parents.

A number of Spider-Man writers since Stan Lee have hinted at Peter Parker's Protestant-leaning background and beliefs. Its sting quickly subdues its prey by paralyzing the spider's central nervous system. The spider wasp carries its prey to its nest, or if the spider is too large to carry in flight, the wasp simply drags it to the nest. Rogue from the X-Men was raised as a Baptist, and Spider-Man prays to what is assumed to be a Protestant God... ...while we're on the subject, the article uses data gleaned from to imbue other superheroes with their likely religious orientations. [Uncle Ben fades away, and Peter is left standing alone, his arms still held as if hugging Uncle Ben. We next see him back in the apartment, where he has gone to sit on the edge of the bed. From: "Spidey Question for the Legion" page, started 6 July 2005, on "Captain Comics Round Table" message board/forum website ( viewed 20 December 2005): tsj017 Jul 7 2004, AM I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember Pete/Spidey having some sort of inner monologue with God in one of the latter Paul Jenkins issues of Peter Parker: Spider-Man. It was ], after the Goblin turned Flash into a vegetable [i.e., puts him into a coma and possibly a brain-dead state].

One writer in particular who has depicted Peter Parker's belief in God has been J. Famous for his creation of the popular science fiction TV series garnered widespread acclaim and breathed new life into the character. In order to make the spider easier to drag, some spider wasps bite off the spider's legs, often drinking the blood that leaks form the wounds. Listen, not that I'm complaining or anything, but next incarnation, just for a change of pace, you think you could have me get bitten by a radioactive Jennifer Lopez? Prayers are, like, God's way of staying interested. In fact, most superheroes have religious backgrounds, according to .. For instance, The Thing from "The Fantastic Four" is Jewish, a fact addressed in the saga. Mary Jane Watson is still awake, as she was reading a book.] MARY JANE WATSON: So, did you have a nice stroll on the roof? Maybe in the aftermath of the Goblin/Flash storyline? The link below is to a brief review/description of the story.

Although Straczynski identifies himself as an atheist, he has been a champion of realistic, mature characterizations and storylines for Spider-Man, and his stories were among the most overt in depicting Peter Parker's spirituality and religious faith. The spider wasp places a single spider in each nest, which is often constructed after catching the prey. Just a thought." #48 is another issue which depicts Peter Parker in prayer, or having a "conversation with God." In this scene, we can even hear God's answers to Peter (or at least what Peter imagines God's answers are, or would be). I swear he does this stuff to us so that we'll complain and he can have someone to talk to. I mean, if you're so infinitely wise then why would you send someone like the Green Goblin to try and ruin my life? Spider-Man, "who sometimes addresses God in spontaneous prayer," is Protestant... "Frank Miller and Batman take on Al Qaeda" message board on "Arts and" website (

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