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Some Serb political organizations assume that if Kosovo achieves independence, Republika Srpska will separate from Bosnia and Herzegovina, eventually joining Serbia.

However, the Office of the High Representative has come out and specifically denied the prospect of any such territorial exchange.

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In general the nation's Bosniak representatives want for the state to be centralized, eliminating the two entities.

Republika Srpska representatives want to retain the two entities.

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina itself has a federal structure and consists of 10 autonomous cantons.

The Federation and the RS governments are charged with overseeing internal functions.

Since 2005, Bosnia and Herzegovina has one set of Armed forces.

Inter-entity borders are not determined on natural geographical features of the region.

However, this has met opposition from the government of the Republika Srpska, which notes that of the country's thirteen governments, eleven are in the Federation (ten cantonal governments and the Federation government).

The other two are the Republika Srpska and state (Bi H)-level government.

Its borders were postulated as part of the political agreement that was based on ethnic division and are used to determine the extents of political jurisdictions within entities.

On the ground, there is no active border between RS and FBi H, and one would generally not know the difference when crossing from one entity into another.

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