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The 10 22 has a removable rotary magazine with a 10 or 5 22 caliber capacity.There are many types of magazines for the Ruger 10/22.They also downgraded the "greyed stainless" finish on their target rifles.

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* the 10/22 International with Mannlicher style stock has been discontinued along with the .22 Magnum version.

As of March 2012, the 10/22 was introduced in the Takedown version and is delivered in a backpack type case, marketed as a survival rifle.

The new ones have a plastic group, but it does not seem to be a problem.

I bought a new 10/22 a few months ago just as a plinker, I have a 70's version and about a 5 year old target 10/22.

I cleaned up the trigger, it was still lousy but better.

I dumped it after a few months, will not buy another new one.

Doesn't compare well to the anodized receiver that I had on my teenage years 10/22. Didn't have a trigger gauge, but I'd say it was pushing 8-10 lbs.

The new plastic barrel band and trigger assembly don't bother me any, but some folks might not care for it.

I guess everybody's got to make $$$, but it makes me look more at CZ.

I have a fair amount of their rifles, they seem to stick with walnut & blued steel.

i have a new one and dont have any issues with it..

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