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”Cast into the wilderness by the Orthodox sect that educated him and provided him with his religious credentials, Boteach set out to earn a quick buck.

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The appearances cast Boteach as a post-partisan racial healer, helping him become perhaps the first Orthodox public figure capable of earning celebrity outside tightly conscribed Jewish circles.

But almost as quickly as he found new ways to influence people, Boteach has managed to alienate the friends who brought him his mainstream cachet.

In the campaign ahead, his job will likely consist of applying the kosher stamp to a candidate who enjoys enthusiastic support from leading neo-Nazis including Matthew Heimbach and David Duke, has personally promoted screeds by white nationalists, and recently included an open white supremacist on his California delegate list.

“There’s a certain irony in Sheldon Adelson backing Trump, who’s so beloved by raving antisemites,” Mark Potok, the Southern Poverty Law Center director said of the ultra-Zionist casino mogul who has pledged to donate $100 million to Trump’s campaign, and who also donates to Shmuley's ventures.

Almost 16 years later, Boteach still appears to harbor a grudge against Rabbi Sacks, calling him “a failure” in an op-ed and blaming him for “the phenomenal growth of anti-Semitism and attacks against Israel while he was in office, without his joining the battle, [which] rendered his leadership obsolete.”In the Obama era, Boteach's invective and vindictive behavior has repelled Democratic friends, especially Cory Booker. S.-Iran agreement designed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, Boteach proclaimed he would never “forgive” him.

Boteach has drifted to the Likudnik right-wing, cultivating relationships with oligarchs and power players like Adelson and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kurson is intimately connected to Donald Trump as well, serving as his speechwriter while he composed the Observer’s widely ridiculed endorsement of Trump for president, which attacked “the media and culture elite” while extolling Trump’s “real leadership” and “vision.”Since Boteach’s first choice for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz, ended his campaign, Boteach has been angling for a role with Trump.

Boteach recently issued a de facto endorsement of Trump, claiming he was swayed by a conversation with his “friend," Jared Kushner.

There was once a time when Boteach transcended partisan differences, winning the adulation of gentile Middle America with his "Shalom in the Home" TV reality show.

The series premiered in 2006 and ran for two seasons on TLC.

He declared, “it is forbidden for anyone to buy or read this book, or give its author a platform in any way shape or form to discuss this topic,” and concluded that “the book violates basic premises of original and authentic Jewish tradition, thus unavoidably must be rejected for being heretical.”Infuriated by his total castigation, Boteach fired off an op-ed accusing Rabbi Ezra Schochet of running “a Taliban madrassa.” Boteach falsely claimed he was being punished “because I dare to say that gay Jewish men should be encouraged to put on tefillin [phylacteries worn by observant Jews during prayer] and keep the Sabbath as opposed to just being ostracized as an abomination.” Rabbi Yaacov Behrman countered that his students visit men and women regardless of their sexual orientation and are allowed to lead any Jewish male in prayer, even if he is gay.

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