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I own minerals in a township adjacent to yours in Hughes County (7N-11E) and am receiving checks of about 0/month from two wells Trinity operates there.

I don't have but a few acres there, but I expect your checks with two GOOD wells would be less than mine since you have less acreage and a larger (multi-section) unit, but could still be around /month or so, at least at first.

I'm fine with a company shutting in a well for maintenance etc.

Sometimes that could be for a couple of months even. What I DON'T want is for the company to be able to shut in my gas well for years simply because they don't like the prices being paid for gas currently, or simply to "hold" the lease until prices rise.

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If the link doesn't work directly, please copy and paste into your browser window. q=First Choice Land Exchange LLC The Mineral Hub In response to your question, If you don't really need the money right now you might want to hold off selling.

While 00/acre would not normally be a bad offer in this area of Hughes County, I believe you only received it because Trinity Operating is currently drilling two new wells that will include your section (13), and in fact they already has a couple of decent wells in the NW/4 of the section that were drilled in 2015 (The "Clara" and "Willa" wells).

Google "Duhig Rule" for more info, or check out our "Articles" page as there is a good explanation of that Rule I've posted would apply to your situation. The entire leasehold being sold is currently serviced by 2 producing wells.

New owners will be bound by the lease you signed until the lease expires.

Kind of a tricky situation with the "provided that lessor..." language, but I think it would stick since you were the surface owner when it was executed. "Mick" Scott CMM, RPL The Mineral Hub First Choice was the successful bidder in a number of parcels in the State of Wyoming on-line auction held by \n Energynet on 11/8/2017.

Check with your attorney to be sure though if it's important to you. I need contact information including address, phone numbers and principals of the business.

The two new wells they've started drilling are "multi-unit" wells however, that will include at least two full sections of land (a section of land being 640 acres). I expect they are hoping for a lot from them as horizontal wells spread over more than one section of land are expensive to drill.

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