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Some require you to use these programs before you go to court. You may also wish to see if the Better Business Bureau's dispute resolution service can help, or consider seeking advice from a private attorney.

Most men don’t like to admit that they like romance, but they do!

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you'll feel enriched and energized the instant you're warmly welcomed by its smart, savvy locals.

RALEIGH' S BRIGHT MINDS head top-tier technology, education and life science institutions; its artists create a bevy of cultural and culinary touchstones; and its storytellers proudly carry on the collective heritage of a rich, historic capital city.

Self-sufficient women are also great icons in the eyes of men.

A man feels comfortable seeing a woman self sufficient and she may not be a big CEO or run a company for that.

With the most live music in North Carolina, Raleigh knows how to rock the summer! We’ll argue about our favorite styles and the merits of this sauce or that, but in the end it’s barbecue—an essential part of North Carolina’s DNA.

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This means they like things that most women are known for loving.

This can include: home cooked dinners, love notes left in cute places, romantic poems and candles lit around a bubble bath.

This means letting him go out with his friends and not asking thousands of questions about what is going on.

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