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Connecting with likeminded singles couldn’t be easier!

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If you’ve spent a little time surfing the internet for a new dating site, you’ll have noticed the sheer amount there are to pick from.

Though choice is one of life’s many luxuries, having too much of it can sometimes lead to confusion, not clarity.

Using this as our methodology, our test evaluates your personality according to five key variables, namely experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Once you’ve submitted your answers, we couple your results with our intelligent matchmaking algorithm.

Unlike plenty of other dating sites, we strive to offer prospective Elite Singles’ members unpartisan advice on whether our product is for them.

Not only do we offer transparent information on subjects like our costs and the benefits of using a paid dating service, we always compare our platform to some of the best dating apps out there so you can make an unbiased decision.

The majority of our members are looking for a simple online dating service, not something that’s going to put strain on their already busy lifestyles.

As well as a user-friendly product, we offer all of our users the option to use Elite Singles on-the-go via our dating app.

Available on both i OS and Android, it’s easily downloadable for both smartphones and tablets.

So, rather than having to sit down at your desktop, you can use Elite Singles freely whilst you’re out and about, or even commuting to and from work.

Central to our standing is a platform that effectively combines cutting edge technology, proven psychological methodologies and years of experience.

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