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Thanks for facilitating and bringing so much of yourself to this event. Your world view is sure to be expanded through both insights and laughs!

I took her course many years ago and still look back with gratitude for what she As heard on Q-100's The Bert Show The Kimmer Shows and featured on AIB TV! - Bert Weiss, Host, Q 100's The Bert Show "First I want to thank you soooo much for yesterday! I'm amazed with what you and your guests can do and how much I have been realigned with my purpose because of it." - Psychic Development Student About Cathy's teaching: Great class yesterday!!!

We will learn how to read past, present, future, how to scan energy and the body, access your guides and angels.

I highly recommend her classes to beginners, intermediates or advanced students of astrology! He moved out January 2014, just under a year and a half!

In October 2013, you told me I would have two pay outs from a lawsuit: one would be paid out to me in April. In January 2013 and October 2013 you mentioned I would meet a man that had a woman around him (maybe a sister or ex girlfriend) and I would need to be nice with the woman. You said this man would be dark exotic, 6'3" with a sports car.

I have never met anyone who even comes close to her giftedness.

I can truly say my sessions with Cathy absolutely revolutionized my life on every level!

I met this man in May 2013; he recently revealed I was a sister to him, and he wants to visit me with his girlfriend. By the way I didn't know of the girlfriend until a month ago. You are a true angel of light doing exactly what you are meant to do. - Jill Rosenthal, National Recruiting Sales Manager An extraordinary, compassionate, generous human-spirit of God at work.

The good news was you said this man was the link to meeting the one for me, so his girlfriend is no issue, because I consider him family. Will have to keep you posted on how that works out. Bert Weiss, Host, Q 100's The Bert Show You are destined for greatness! Carolyn Cohen, Noted Medical Intuit, healer, author and teacher In my opinion you're a super star - the next Lisa Williams!Featured at Q-100, 99 X, Jezebel Magazine, Microsoft, Fabulous Fox, World of Coca Cola, Chateau Elan, and corporate and private parties all over town - and nationwide! I had a reading that has proven so incredibly accurate, my hands are shaking as I write this. Despite that pesky Mercury Retrograde, you were on fire. Love the class members..very engaged and insightful. You are one of the most best psychics I've ever spoken with. ~ Renowned Astrologer/Columnist, NY, NY You won't believe the amount of hits you've had, Cathy!I can't thank you enough for the insight you provided and the peace of mind your reading has given me. I appreciate all that you do and give to us; you are a gift. After attending astrology classes taught by Cathy B., I understand myself and the world about 1000 times better! And much of this made no sense at all when I first heard it.We'll also explore ways of working with the tarot and astrology to develop psychic ability and understand how each member of the class accesses their intuitive gifts; sharing my psychic tool box taught to me by my guides; practice readings; remote viewing; reading past, present and future.We will explore a wide range of different means of receiving information and validating the accuracy of that information.I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class!! It was like a spiritual smorgasbord of stuff to learn about, taste, try and enjoy. I look very forward to coming to YOUR teaching classes!!!

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