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The arrangement would make it the world's first TV station based mainly on component signal sources rather than composite signal.

(CKTM-TV), Trois-Rivières (channel 16 with effective radiated power of 703,100 watts), Télévision St-François Inc.

(CKSH-TV), Sherbrooke (channel 30 with ERP of 125,900 watts), and Radio Nord Inc.

The signal was transmitted to the affiliates via this method.

On launch day, the following transmitters went on the air: Montreal CFJP-TV (channel 35 / 668,000 watts video / 67,000 watts audio), Quebec City CFAP-TV (channel 2 / 23,700 watts / 2,400 watts), Sherbrooke CFKS-TV (channel 30 / 92,300 watts / 9,200 watts), Trois-Rivieres CFKM-TV (channel 16 / 115,600 watts / 23,000 watts), Hull-Ottawa CFGS-TV (channel 49 / 16,200 watts / 1,600 watts), Jonquiere CFRS-TV (channel 4 / 100,000 watts / 10,000 watts), Val d'Or CFVS-TV (channel 25 / 102,000 watts / 10,200 watts), and Rouyn CFVS-TV-1 (channel 20 / 81,000 watts / 8,100 watts).

(CHOT-TV), Hull (channel 49 with ERP of 16,200 watts); Radio Saguenay Ltee (CKRS-TV), Jonquiere, operating on channel 4 with effective radiated power of 24,550 watts.

The rebroadcaster for CKRS-TV at St-Fulgence would move from channel 4 to channel 27.Brazil's model carves a new path towards integrated surveillance by systematically tracking tobacco use, NCD risk factors, and other relevant health information to develop, implement and evaluate public health interventions.Brazil's model is a best practice for other countries to consider and emphasizes the benefit of multiple stakeholders working together toward a common goal and finding innovative ways to simplify standard surveillance systems.In 2013, Brazil also expanded the scope of its data collection by integrating standard Tobacco Questions for Surveys (TQS) into its National Health Survey (PNS), which is planned to be conducted every 5 years.TQS is a standard set of core questions taken from the GATS survey and is a component of the Global Tobacco Surveillance System (GTTS).It was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), the U. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and other partners to assist countries in establishing tobacco control surveillance and monitoring programs.

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