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In the year that followed, I've learned that my friends and I were both half right: Washington is for nesters, and Los Angeles is for loners, but this has little relation to our populations’ reputations for titanium SAT scores or prominent cheek bones.

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There are many business reasons to use it (Linked In comes to mind off the top of my head) but no one says you have to put your whole life out there for display to the world - especially to the future Ms. Remember guys, social media is just a tool for staying connected to information, entertainment and your friends - nothing more, nothing less - be careful with it.

When I decided to end my eight-year stint in Washington, D. and decamp to Los Angeles last summer, my friends in the capital looked at me like I had announced plans to eject myself into space.

For single people looking to actually find a match, that is not a good thing.

present volume of daters as a positive, but the research of Sheena Iyengar suggests otherwise.

Online dating could help bridge the geographic divide, but it hasn’t caught up.

At its most precise, Ok Cupid can pair users with matches within a 25 mile radius.Also, do you want to be the star of her photo show someday? Someday when you two break up there will be 1,000 photos of you and her online for new women to check out - not good.I prefer if the girl I'm going to take seriously is a little more reserved and private because that's how she'll treat our relationship.If you have ever been tempted by the low-hanging fruit of the sexy Internet slideshow, you may be under the impression that Los Angeles is one of America’s "Best Cities for Singles." Over the past few years, online publications have periodically culled regional data from dating websites and census tracts, made pseudoscientific calculations of their impact on singletons, then excreted the results into clickable lists. To anyone who has actually attempted to date in America’s two most populous cities, these results are puzzling.filed its latest tabulation in February, claiming—based on its large population size, high percentage of unmarried households, and relatively moderate date-night tab—that Los Angeles was the fifth best city for single people in the country. And alongside college towns like Iowa City, Durham, Bloomington, Ann Arbor—cities so stuffed with single coeds that they ought to be disqualified—New York City joined L. A closer look at the studies shows that they’re often measuring the best cities for single people to stay that way—depending on your perspective, the cities for singles.’” Less awkward is saying goodbye forever—the city’s geography is “more conducive to breakups” when you likely never have to see one another again.

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