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Partially because I don't believe in it and partially because I refuse to do anything that reflects a positive image on the Church. I don't know much about hacking, but that sounds fun. I wonder why they have two nearly exact copies of the site - Affinity Exchange and Free Spirit Singles. didnt mean to be offensive, i wanted to point out the embedded racism within the Co S specifically in regards to dating/mating.If I had to pass out booklets for some reason, I would be sure and tell everyone that reading that book was the prime reason I am now a meth head and that if they want to learn about the freedom that a life of drugs and crime give you they need to read that book (then smile maniacly and mumble to myself as I walk away stumbling). Scrambling ("encrypting", but not really) URL fields? EDIT: /u/excultist could you help me understand why when I was dating a whale was I questioned about any past relationships outside my ethnic group?Anyway, I can see why cultists want to date fellow cultists. the ultimate in funny shit that has been done in the name of Scientology. Thats ALMOST the number of fliers and other random shit I passed out by myself during a single year as a staff member...

LRH presented an hugely mythologized version of himself to his loyal cultists, as a man of astonishing accomplishments in a bizarre variety of endeavors, as a hero of WW II, a great writer, a pioneering aviator, a global explorer, a medical doctor, a nuclear physicist, a man who mysteriously regenerated after crippling injuries in WW II, also a brilliant musician, film director, and photographer, and yes, even as the reincarnation of the Buddha.

Everything that LRH claimed about himself was either false or highly exaggerated.

though they would not go through the process of handing out TWt H. Took FOREVER to get through all their bullshit to sign up, and then they don't even activate your account till someone reviews it and activates it and sends you an email.

However, I used a fake email (Theta [email protected]) and a fake name (John Seltret) and the same username as the email.

I know how to sound like a Scientologist without sounding over the top.

So I was accepted over night and I know someone actually reviewed it cause they emailed me to let me know that they removed a sentence which said I would be open to just friendship, because it violated their policy that the site was specifically for romantic attempts, not just for friends (despite their home page saying "a fun and easy way to meet new friends on the internet"). That's embarrassing to mention anymore unless you're still doing work for the dry-cleaners on the corner to service their legacy POS system.

My god, the global expansion here is mind boggling.

I would assume that the first date is "Get together to hand out booklets." Which is not exactly my dream date, but it would sound like an "on-purpose" idea; then at least if the date was a bust, you'd have done some kind of good in the world.

Free Spirit Singles is an organization whose basis is a shared appreciation of LRH's pamphlet, The Way To Happiness.

This is possibly the most insipid, unoriginal, and unimpressive of all of LRH's publications.

And eventually, they can keep each other from leaving the cult with threats of disconnection. Its almost as if the real goal is just to get people into a church to spend money on courses???

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