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My grandfather also seems to have no real idea where the name came from. Europe's other modern mass murderer, Josef Stalin, went one step further and created his own surname, Stalin, the man of steel.

Correspondent Christopher Granger of Dumfries, VA, USA who was born with the Hitler surname, stated several Hitlers migrated from Germany to Ohio in the 1760s. Settlement in what was then the Northwest Territory did not really begin until after the American Revolution, indeed the Crowns attempt to prohibit it was a precipitating cause.

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So, possibly, the addition of another "t" (which doesn't change pronunciation) might be the answer to the second question. I took the name of my stepfather at my mother's urging when I was 13-years-old.

I'm now trying to find out where my former surname came from.

My grandfather, on my father's side, used to say that it was of British origin.

And, after doing a little genealogical research, I discovered that several Hitlers migrated from Germany to Ohio in the 1760s.

I am 88 years of age now and when i escaped here to the Uk in 1945 I changed my name to hidler.

I have been constantly harrassed over the years because of my name...but I'm sure that if some of you do a deep research you will see I'm not lying!I am orginally from Ohio and know that there were or are Hitlers in southern Ohio. His sister Paula never married and had no children. His half sister Angela married and had a daughter, Geli Raubal, who died in 1930. His father took the name of his supposed father, which was spelled Hiedler or Hitler according to preference, when he was 40, well before Adolf was born. His half-brother Alois lived in Liverpool and had a son called William Patrick, who died in 1987. He is believed to have left 4 sons, who have decided not to have children in order not to perpetuate the line."Germany", of course, was a loose geographic expression rather than a nation at that time.

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