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Although the Gesta Ungarorum is in sharp contrast with the chronicle of Simon of Kéza and of other 14th century chronicles, it is a mistake to treat Gelou as a purely fictional character whose name derived from that of the Transylvanian town Gilău (Gyalu in Hungarian) There are four enclosures at Dăbâca, each one associated with earthwork fortifications; the excavators dated the third enclosure to the 9th or 10th century, while also claiming that it post-dated the second enclosure - the only defense work to have produced clearly datable artifacts, namely a silver penny of King Peter (1038-10-1046).It gives us a visual clue about the ritual of sending a messenger to Zalmoxis by the Geto-Dacians The ritual of sending a messenger to Zalmoxis (every five years) is explained by this belief.L’information documentaire concernant la consécration de l’église n 1224 mène à l’hypothèse selon laquelle elle n’a été terminée qu’au début du XIIIe siècle, ayant tenu ompte, également, de la possibilité que la consécration respective ait eu lieu à la suite d’une ventuelle reconstruction.

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Then the inhabitants of the land, seeing the death of their lord, giving the right hand of their own free will chose to themselves as lord Tuhutum, father of Horca, and in that place which is called Esculeu, they confirmed their troth with an oath and from that day the place is called Esculeu, because they swore there.

(…) However, it is evident that he did not have the faintest idea about the real state of affairs in the Carpathian Basin at the time of the Magyar Conquest: instead of Simeon I of Bulgaria, Arnulf and Svatopluk, of whom he had no knowledge, he invented imaginary figures as enemies of the Hungarians.

À la datation de l’église contribuent indirectement lesrésultats des fouilles archéologiques de 1969-1970 et 1983-1984. Oprescu, din Bucuresti, George Pascu Hurezan, Complexul Muzeal Arad, Ioan Fedor Pascu, Sighisoara - si dr.

Les vestiges de l’église plus ancienne découvertes alors au-dessous du monument présenté jusqu’ici, se constituent dans un terminus post quem pour son placement chronologique. Peter Hügel, directorul Complexului Muzeal Arad, coordonatorul programului de cercetare - au pus la dispozitia jurnalistilor importante informatii despre sit si rezultatele sapaturilor arheologice din acest an (finantate cu 40 de milioane de la Ministerul Culturii si Cultelor si 10 milioane de la Complexul Muzeal).

The advanced economic and political conditions of the Slavs, who had been settling in the entire area, exerted a significant influence over the newly-arrived Magyars after 896 (see below); in fact, several Hungarian words relating to agriculture, politics, religion and handicrafts, were borrowed from Slavic peoples.

VESTIGIILE UNEI ASEZARI MEDIEVALE TIMPURII IN MARAMURESArheologii maramureşeni au făcut câteva descoperiri extrem de importante în situl din satul Bozânta Mică, situat la confluenţa Someşului cu Lăpuşul.

Les données concernant cette église, récemment publiées, indiquent une nef carrée, une abside demi-circulaire à l’est et des murs très épais (entre 3 et 4 mètres). Among the formations existing before that opposed Magyar penetration in Transylvania, the best known are the Glad voivodate in Banat, residing in the Cuvin citadel, of Menumorut in Crisana, residing in the Biharea citadel and of Gelu the Vlach, residing in the citadel Dabaca.

Supposant qu’au début chaque côté a été pourvu d’une abside,cette église présenterait une analogie avec l’église de Feldebrő, de Hongrie, datant du XIe siècle. The history of Transylvania is particularly illusive, even though it was on the trade route from the Black Sea to Western Europe and the Apuseni mountains were the major European source of gold originated from Dacian times.

When he arrived, he spoke much to his lord of the goodness of that land: that that land was washed by the best rivers, whose names and advantages he listed, that in their sands they gathered gold and that the gold of that land was the best, and that they mined there salt, and the inhabitants of that land were the basest of the whole world, because they were Vlachs and Slavs, because they had nothing else for arms than bows and arrows and their duke, Geleou was inconstant and did not have around him good warriors who would dare stand against the courage of the Hungarians, because they suffered many injuries from the Cumans and Pechenegs.„Quod terra illa irrigaretur optimis fluuis, quorum nomina et utilitates seriatim dixit, et quod in arenis eorum aurum colligerent, et aurum terre illius optimum esset, et ut ibi foderetur sal et salgenia, et habitatores terre uiliores homines essent tocius mundi, quia essent Blasii et Sclaui, quia alia arma non haberent, nisi arcum et sagittas, et dux Geleou minus esset tenax et non haberet bonos milites, et auderent stare audatiam Hungarorum, quia Cumanis et Picenatis multas iniurias paterentur.“, Then Tuhutum, having heard of the goodness of that land, sent his envoys to Duke Árpád to ask his permission to go beyond the woods to fight Duke Gelu.

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