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Mauna Loa currently makes up half of Hawaii’s Big Island.

Whether you are planning your next trip to Hawaii or you are just curious about the climate and terrain, we have you covered. You can also subscribe to receive volcano and climate notifications.

Below are some helpful links to inform you on all things relating to Hawaii’s volcanoes. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was created to preserve the natural setting of Kilauea and Mauna Loa, along with providing results of 70 million years of volcanic eruption, migration, evolution.

Hotspots provide centralized sources of thermal plumes (also known as hot heat energy) that create an environment that supports volcanic activity.

Overtime island volcanoes can form due to the melting of the Pacific Plate.

Tropical Visions (Sells videotapes of some of the best Kilauea eruption footage we’ve ever seen) “Volcano Scapes” is a video series that gives historical context on Hawaii’s volcanoes.

You can explore the history, dangers, and beauty of active volcanoes through these documentary series. Geological Survey Home Page (Lots of good info on all Hawaiian volcanoes) Access the U. Geological Survey Home Page to find current alerts, geology & history, volcano monitoring, publications, and more.

Here in historic Volcano Village, we are located at 3,800 feet elevation.

Consequently, we are a much sought after cool down from the hot and crowded city life of Kona.

Loihi’s first confirmed eruption was in August of 1996, and since then it has been erupting intermittently.

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