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He was one of the Indians indicted for the Steele fiasco so probably was on a lease.--Doug Moscrip - posted 13 October 2017 SEEKING INFORMATION ON A COUPLE ONE ROOM SCHOOLS: My name is Rosalyn Fitch.While hiking along the river I came across an old tombstone a very beautiful one for a little girl name Lou Lou May Scott.

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Its functions were assumed by New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets." NEED HELP IN DECIPHERING A WORD The following is listed in the 1875 Walton census under George Houghtaling.

The census lists Hattie’s previous home as "In Walton, 50 Wild Sa_ _ ".

I also am trying to find a one room school in Trout Creek in West Walton.

I'd appreciate gaining any information on either of these 2 schools. --Rosalyn Davidson Fitch - posted 21 September 2017 LIST OF EMPLOYEES OF BEERSTON ACID FACTORY: I was told by my father before he passed, that my Grandfather worked for the Acid Factory.

My siblings and I remember teen-aged boys from New York City coming to live and work, during the summer months, on farms.

While we are uncertain of date this program (federal?

This little girl was only about 6 when she passed away.

I cant help but want to try and find the family cemetary it came from or just a family member that might be interested in having it.

--Evelyn Henderson O'Connell - posted 7 August 2017 UPDATE from Evelyn Henderson O'Connell: I think I have found an explanation regarding the boys from NYC who came to work on farms.

Source: The Portville Review, Portville, Cattaraugus County, New York Thursday, April 13, 1944 edition BR?

SMALL HARVARD SCHOOL TOWN OF HANCOCK: I'm looking for information on a small school in Harvard, NY around 1914.

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