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And everyone at the firm gives little gifts around Valentine’s Day, “usually gifts for the executive assistants,” as Komisar said.

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(Pao testified that she did not recall whether she did or did not do this).

Pao has said Komisar asked her out to dinner one weekend when his wife would be out of town.

Compared to many past witnesses, he was less argumentative, seemed to remember more of the past and spoke in more even tones to both sides.

On the stand he explained what seems to be a Kleiner Perkins philosophy: Strength of personality matters most.

“I wholeheartedly support your suggestion and agree with your recommendation that Randy be our board member,” Pao wrote to Doerr.

She wrote again later: “I have no problem with a Randy board seat at all. I’m very happy with the outcome and have absolutely no issue with it.

Hermle asked Komisar to read Cohen’s bio on the back of the book: “Internationally celebrated for his writing and his music, Leonard Cohen …” And then she had him read the inscription: “To Ellen, A taste of Dharma Bum to remind that the dharma breathes in and out and is nothing special.

Best, Randy.” He said Pao never complained about the gift and that she and he remained seemingly close — she showed off her cowboy boots to him since she knew he was a fan of Western wear, he said.

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For Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers general partner Randy Komisar, things went sour with Ellen Pao in 2010 when she suggested to him that the senior management of the patent startup RPX “hated him” as a board member and encouraged him to resign his seat. “I’d never heard the term ‘hate’ in that context before — these were business matters, not personal matters.” Before then, Komisar and Pao had worked closely and well with each other, he said.

Komisar denied this, sort of — he testified that he’d told Pao they dinner that weekend because Pao had been at the office near his house and his wife had been out of town.

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