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He seems to be a nice, shy, middle-class kid from the provinces (specifically Rosario) who loves his family (especially his deceased maternal grandmother) — though blessed with an unusual talent and determination that the film doesn’t explore.

Perhaps Messi’s people didn’t let de la Iglesia get close enough, or perhaps he really is like that; the one blemish on his reputation, a run-in with the tax man, is quickly glossed over in a "nobody’s perfect" aside.

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Messi’s current Barcelona teammate Javier Mascherano reveals something of himself when he reflects on what it would be like to be Messi for five seconds, just to feel the sensation.

The charismatic, philosophizing former Argentina coach Cesar Menotti offers great value every time he appears.

Anyone can see that a football sticks preternaturally closely to Messi’s feet as he moves, or that he can change pace and direction from one step to the next — but how does that happen? Whether you like them or not, Spaniard de la Iglesia’s own films — often black, edgy comedies — are always distinctive, but that distinctiveness is mostly absent here.

What remains of the director’s style are wonderful, quick-fire editing by Domingo Gonzalez and moments of visual cleverness, as in the retouching of new, staged footage to look old.

Had his family not made immense sacrifices, and had not the Barcelona football club recognized his raw talent, today there'd be no Messi as we know him.

The script, by former Real Madrid player and coach Jorge Valdano, desperately seizes on this narrative nugget, working it up with regular shots of the young lad determinedly injecting himself.

Anyone hoping for a real peek behind the PR of the man they dubbed “the Flea” will be disappointed.

But given the major limitation that access was not granted to either the player or his family, as simple celebration definitely scores.

The fact that modern soccer matches are filmed from a thousand different angles means that the live footage of Messi's jaw-dropping skills is excitingly staged for maximum drama. Interviewees are pretty much all fluid conversationalists (contrary to stereotype, even the soccer players), and they've been cannily selected.

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